Annually Tribal Meetings co-ordinates a 12-day trip with the School of Business-Camden (SBC) during spring break as part of a study program on doing business in South Africa. Students get the opportunity to visit businesses and government institutions to learn more about management and marketing practices in this region. The trip includes stays in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Kruger National Park where students interact with small and medium-sized enterprises, global companies, and government bodies. Students also visit Robben Island, Soweto, the Cape of Good Hope, and Kruger National Park.

At the same time the Law Faculty of Rutgers -Camden also travels to South Africa and visits Law faculties at several South African universities and institutions like the CCMA , TAC , and Section 27 to name a few. They are exposefd to a unique product like Conflict Resolution and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. The International Law studies component is achieved by way of the quality appointments that Tribal Meetings secures for them.

The Photography , Literature and Nursing faculties have also joined the Business School and each faculty has a seperate program running concurrently and each group enjoyes a program relevant to their choice of study.

Tribal Meetings has successfully co-ordinated this program for the last TEN years. The successful partnership between Rutgers-Camden and Tribal Meetings has allowed students to experience South Africa as an incomparable classroom, and an unforgettable playground.

Please contact Tribal Meetings to learn how you to can embark on this unique journey of learning and leisure.


Kalksteenfontein Primary School Outing

Tribal Meetings has recognized their role as a company that not only helps to organize conferences and other events, but also as a socially responsible team.

Annually, Tribal Meetings and Rutgers University Camden organize a day excursion for the pupils from Kalksteenfontein Primary School. We spoil the kids for a day, as we either take them up to Table Mountain or other sights in Cape Town they usually do not get to experience and enjoy. DR. Julie Ruth of Rutgers University Camden, past students and Tribal Meetings cover all expenses, such as transportation costs and coverage of all fees. Our common goal is to entertain and educate the pupils and hope to share a great time.